Gift a Precious Moment this Christmas

Published date: 15 December 2023
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We are grateful to every individual who contributes to Zoe’s Place being the vibrant, supportive community that it is. This includes our dedicated nurses, staff members, volunteers, families, children, and members of the public who all play an integral role in our mission.

This year, our Christmas campaign is aptly named ‘Gift a Precious Moment.’ If you feel moved to support our cause, there are several ways you can contribute.

If you feel moved to support our cause, there are several ways you can contribute….

  • Click on one of the story links below to donate to your chosen hospice (Via Just Giving)
  • Send us a cheque (using the hospice addresses at the bottom of this page)
  • Call us to pay via card over the phone (numbers are also below)
  • Or even pay us a visit in person

Without your support, we quite simply wouldn’t be able to be the lifeline to our children and families who rely on us. Your generosity fuels us, just as our care strengthens families. That’s why we are grateful for anything you can give this Christmas.

So please, ‘Gift a Precious Momentfor children like

Jude – At about 11 ½ weeks Jude started having seizures. Soon after getting rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, he was eventually diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. Only 370 children in the world have it, and it effects his muscle tone, vision, and communication. Read more here

Sienna – The diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy, a condition weakening her muscles, came as a shock for Sienna’s family, who was born in November 2021. The doctor’s confirmation of the most severe type of the condition, Type 1, cast a shadow over how long she would live, with doctors predicting a lifespan of only two years. In the face of such a grim prognosis, Sienna’s family showed incredible courage. Read more here

Ivan – In 2020, during the midst of a lockdown, getting to a doctor for Ivan was a challenge. When the family finally managed to do so, they learnt that Ivan’s diagnosis was ‘Phelan Mcdermid Syndrome’ and ‘21q22.3 duplication’. In other terms, ‘absent speech, hypotonia, likely pathogenic, and in need of lifelong care’. Read more here

Thank you. All of the staff at Zoe’s Place would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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