Therapies for children

Children and babies visiting Zoe’s Place can benefit from various different therapies which are designed to ease symptoms, meet sensory needs and encourage movement and play. Find out more about what we offer at our Coventry, Liverpool and Middlesbrough sites.


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Physiotherapy is available for babies and children across all Zoe’s Place hospices. Each physio session is tailored to the needs of the individual child, but may include gentle exercise, play and movement, as well as relaxation techniques such as massage. The aim is to reduce pain and breathing difficulties, ease stiffness and discomfort and help prevent the development of future problems. We ensure that babies’ and children’s mobility is as good as possible, to help maintain the best possible quality of life.

Animal therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) draws on animals’ unconditional affection and acceptance to provide a therapeutic experience. Children and animals have a natural bond, and our regular animal therapy sessions provide emotional support, comfort and relaxation for children. The animals which visit our hospices include dogs, ponies and tortoises. Interacting with animals can teach children empathy and compassion, as well as helping to develop motor skills, social skills and emotional regulation.

Music therapy

Music therapy sessions provide a unique opportunity for children and babies to communicate and express themselves. We use a range of percussion instruments, voice, string instruments, improvisation and familiar songs to create sessions with an emphasis on wellbeing and enjoyment. Play and creativity are a big part of music therapy sessions, so that children can learn and develop whilst enjoying a sense of togetherness.

Art therapy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art as a way to communicate. It allows the child to use art materials for self-expression in a safe environment, using art instead of spoken words.

Children are naturally creative and enjoy expression through arts. Our art therapies sessions are adapted to the needs of each child. Sessions can include arts, crafts and movement, helping to develop fine motor skills and providing a sensory experience.

Art therapy is currently available at Zoe’s Place Coventry and Middlesbrough

Play therapy

Play is the language of the child. Through play, all children learn, build confidence and develop vital coping mechanisms.

Our play specialists assess each child individually, to develop a specialised play plan to meet their needs, which can inform and guide the rest of the staff on the best activities to suit them. Our play therapists can also provide an outreach service, continuing play therapy sessions when children have a stay in hospital.

Play at Zoe’s Place includes time outdoors, soft play and sensory activities. The children particularly love getting messy with paint, jelly, sand and spaghetti!

Play therapy is currently available at Zoe’s Place Liverpool and Middlesbrough


There are many benefits of being in the water – above all it can provide relaxation, wellbeing and the chance to have fun! Gentle, supported exercise in warm water can improve muscle tone and ease stiffness, assisting the movement of joints which can be painful or difficult to do normally. Not only this, but being surrounded by water can stimulate the senses whilst calming babies and children who have sensory or learning difficulties.

Hydrotherapy is currently available at Zoe’s Place Liverpool and off-site at Middlesbrough.

Rebound therapy

Rebound therapy uses trampolines to provide therapeutic exercises to people with a wide variety of disabilities and additional needs. The movement of the trampoline is used to promote movement in the participant. It’s a fun, stimulating therapy which can be helpful for children with poor balance or limited movement. Benefits can include improved fitness and muscle tone, relaxation, sensory integration and even concentration and communication skills.

Rebound therapy is currently available at Zoe’s Place Coventry