Meet Sophie

Sophie attends Zoe's Place Baby Hospice in Liverpool.

Sophie is living with a genetic condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), which can cause difficulty moving, swallowing, and breathing. Sadly, SMA cannot be cured.

Sophie’s dad Mark told us in his own words how it felt to learn Sophie had SMA.

“When you are told your child has a life-limiting condition, your world stops. It becomes very small, and all you want to do is cling to them. We became very anxious parents and would not let her out of our sight.”

At first, Sophie’s parents struggled to find anywhere they were comfortable leaving Sophie, and which would be equipped to care for her extremely specialised needs, but then they found Zoe’s Place. Mark told us: “We found Zoe’s Place, and everything changed. We were welcomed into Zoe’s Place with open arms, and the staff were so understanding of our concerns, anxieties, and more importantly, Sophie’s needs.

Within a few weeks, Sophie was completely relaxed at Zoe’s and has never looked back, she looks forward to every visit and always has an amazing time there. As parents, we found comfort in the fact that Zoe’s Place gave Sophie a safe place where she could be independent without us and have fun.

She is cared for by the most amazing team of nurses. We would be lost without the amazing work of the Zoe’s Place team, and Sophie would not be the confident, sassy little girl she is today.”

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