New Year, New Challenge!

Published date: 17 January 2024
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Are you looking to add purpose and do more in 2024?  

🌟 Embark on a Journey of Transformation: New Year, New Challenges! 🌟  

The saying “new year, new me” fills us with hope and endless possibilities. This 2024, let’s embrace a fresh perspective – “New Year, New Challenges.” At Zoe’s Place, we invite you to step into the unknown, where new territories await, and your untapped potential beckons.  

🌈 A Year of Growth and Positive Change  

In the spirit of new beginnings, Zoe’s Place believes that a new year not only brings challenges but also opportunities for personal growth and positive change. We’re excited to extend an invitation to join us on transformative challenges that promise to redefine your limits and contribute to a meaningful cause.  

💪 Challenge Yourself, Make a Difference  

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast ready to push your physical boundaries or someone yearning to step out of your comfort zone, our array of events caters to all. This is your chance to uncover hidden strengths, achieve personal triumphs, and, most importantly, make a significant impact by supporting our worthy cause.  

🤝 Doing It for Yourself, Taking It to New Heights  

While personal challenges are essential for self-discovery, doing it for charity elevates the experience to new heights. It adds a profound purpose to your journey, making each step, each obstacle, and each triumph more meaningful. The satisfaction of knowing that your efforts contribute to a brighter future for those in need is unparalleled.  

📅 Upcoming Zoe’s Place Events

Warwick Half Marathon – February 4th  

Liverpool Half Marathon & 10 Miler – March 17th

Middlesbrough Hospice Anniversary Ball – April 26th 

Coventry Half Marathon – April 28th  

AJ Bell Great Birmingham Run – May 5th

Scafell Pike – June 9th

Snowdon Sunrise – July 7th

AJ Bell Great North Run – September 8th

Berlin Marathon – September 29th

Cycle India Challenge – November 18th


Join us in turning 2024 into a year of personal and collective triumphs. Challenge yourself, make a difference, and let the spirit of “New Year, New Challenges” guide you towards a transformative and impactful journey. Together, we can create lasting memories and contribute to a brighter future for all. 🌟🏃‍♀️🌍

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