Meet Allan and Irene

Allan and Irene have been volunteering for Zoe's Place, Liverpool for over 10 years.

How did you get into volunteering for Zoe’s Place?  

We got talking to a couple who were volunteering for Zoe’s Place of a weekend, and they mentioned Zoe’s Place were looking for volunteers so we got in touch and that’s how we got started, because we had the time as we had retired.

What’s the best thing about volunteering for Zoe’s Place?  

It’s something we enjoy doing, taking part in bucket collections. We’re doing a good deed for the children who use the services at Zoe’s Place.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking of volunteering for Zoe’s Place?

We say, go and do it! They will enjoy doing what they’re doing, knowing they’re doing a good deed.

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