Two decades of fundraising and fun runs for staff member Rachael

Published date: 18 August 2023
Hospice news Middlesbrough

Meet Rachael.

She has been an invaluable presence at Zoe’s Place hospice in Normanby for nearly two decades. Her unwavering commitment is nothing short of inspiring.

That’s why she has taken part in no less than 15 Great North Runs for our charity – and this year she’s getting ready for number 16! 

“My first run was in 2004, a year after I started my role at Zoe’s Place.” she said.

“I love the atmosphere. Being surrounded by thousands of runners with my Zoe’s Place vest on allows me to spread the word about what we do, and I get to hear about some of the amazing charities and causes that other people run for. It really is electric.”

Rachael’s journey at Zoe’s Place has been multifaceted. She formerly had the dual role of compassionate care assistant and enthusiastic Community Fundraiser, but now only does the latter.

Nevertheless, her time spent here has given her a unique insight into the essence of care and the power of community support that defines the hospice.

“My work for the clinical and fundraising teams here has meant I’ve had on-hands experience with the children we care for, which makes me even more determined to ensure we raise the money we need to keep the hospice open.”

Rachael at the hospice recently with her spider friend!

“Organising large scale events and rallying our community to fundraise is one thing, but doing the Great North Run is my personal way of helping out.”

Rachael’s empathy is at the heart of her dedication. Her hands-on involvement with the children’s care has deepened her resolve to secure the necessary funds to sustain Zoe’s Place over the years.

This commitment also extends to her colleagues.

Alongside her are Deputy Head of Care Ashleigh and nurse Nikki, who are also participating in the half marathon. Their collective efforts symbolise the unity that drives them toward their shared goal.

“I’ve set myself goals in the past and tried to beat previous times, but having just come back from maternity leave, I’m going to take it a little easier this time!”

“For me, it’s all about getting over that finish line and getting as many donations as possible in the run up to the race. We all have that goal in mind.” She said.

However, Rachael’s message isn’t just about physical activity: She’s urging everyone to explore various fundraising activities – whether it’s a fun run, a bake sale, or something else entirely… because every contribution, no matter how small, adds to the bigger picture.

“Running may not be your thing, so if it isn’t, we’d love you to do something else for us. You can come up with your own ideas, or you can pop along to one of our upcoming events – like the Boundary 500 or Christmas Lights event. There’s always lots of fun to be had for all the family.”

“If you do love running though, keep an eye on our social media pages throughout the year for information. It’s really easy to sign up.”

“It takes around 1.5 million a year to run our Middlesbrough hospice, so if everyone helps us with whatever they can afford, we’d really appreciate it. Individually we can’t change the world, but together we can make a huge impact.”

Zoe’s Place extends a heartfelt thank you to Rachael Bareham for her consistent dedication.

Her journey stands as a testament to her commitment and strength. In her roles as a care assistant, fundraiser, and Great North Run participant, Rachael has shown that she can lend her hand to anything – which is something we find extremely admirable.

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