Three brothers – One lifeline. Our hospice.

Published date: 24 April 2024
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Most families come to us seeking support for one child, but we’re also here to stand by those facing the unique challenges of caring for multiple children with complex conditions. That was precisely the case for the three brothers we supported—Isaac, Logan, and Oliver. 

We have been proud to offer a decade of support to this remarkable family as they navigated the unexpected diagnosis of severe hydrocephalus, a rare condition characterised by abnormal fluid in the brain, leading to significant neurological impairments and developmental challenges, alongside epilepsy.   

Emma, their devoted mother, recounts her journey with a mix of gratitude and nostalgia. “I first learned about the condition around 20 weeks into my first pregnancy with Isaac,” she shares. “It was a difficult time.” Despite the initial shock, Emma was determined to enrich Isaac’s life. Upon discovering Zoe’s Place, she was hesitant, associating the term ‘hospice’ with sadness. However, her perceptions soon changed after witnessing the warmth and care provided by our team.

Oliver enjoys story time with nurse Liz

Isaac quickly grew accustomed to the hospice, finding solace and joy in our sensory room and forming deep bonds with newfound friends.

For Emma, however, the joy of motherhood was soon tempered by heartbreak again as she received the diagnoses for her two younger sons, Logan and Oliver, both also afflicted with L1 Syndrome. The news struck Emma like a thunderbolt, shattering her hopes and dreams for her children’s futures.

Yet, amidst the anguish and despair, Emma remained determined to provide her sons with the best possible care and support. “Having all three boys attend the hospice was a lifeline,” Emma reveals, her voice tinged with both gratitude and sorrow. “It allowed me to recharge and be there for them fully, even as my heart broke with each diagnosis.”

Throughout the years, our staff became more than caregivers—they were Emma’s pillars of support through life’s challenges. “I could thank the staff at Zoe’s a thousand times, and it still wouldn’t be enough!” Emma expresses. “They’ve been there for me in ways I can’t even begin to describe.”

The siblings enjoy a fun day out with Mickey and Minnie!

At one point, we provided respite care for all three brothers, allowing their devoted mother the rest she needed to recharge and be there for them fully. Now, as the youngest brother, Oliver, reaches the milestone age of 5 and graduates from Zoe’s Place, joining Isaac and Logan in their transition, they leave behind a trail of cherished memories and deep connections with our team.

Through the highs and lows, we’ve stood by Emma, Isaac, Logan, and Oliver, offering support and comfort in their times of need. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, their resilience and unwavering spirit have left an indelible mark on us all.

As they embark on new adventures, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a bright and promising future. Your strength and courage have inspired us, and we’ll always hold you close in our hearts.

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