Mayor shows support during Children’s Hospice Week

Published date: 19 June 2024
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Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice proudly hosted a visit from the new Mayor of Redcar and Cleveland, Neil Bendelow, who demonstrated his continued commitment to our charity during this year’s Children’s Hospice Week. The visit also marked a special moment as we celebrate our 20th anniversary of serving the community.

During his visit, Mayor Bendelow met with children at the hospice, who presented him with a heartfelt card to express their gratitude for his support and for choosing Zoe’s Place as one of his selected charities of the mayoral year. The interaction highlighted the Mayor’s genuine connection with our cause and his dedication to enhancing the lives of the children and families we serve.

In a conversation with our Head of Fundraising, Harriet Langston, Mayor Bendelow shared his personal motivation for supporting Zoe’s Place. “The reason why I chose Zoe’s Place is because I am from this area. I’m from TS6 and I know exactly the sort of work they do with small children and the care they give their families,” said Mayor Bendelow. “I thought if I become mayor, then I could give something back. What better thing to do than to make Zoe’s Place one of my chosen charities.”

The Mayor remarked on how hearing directly from a parent about their daily routine was profoundly moving. The parent described how what might be a ‘quick task’ for others, such as changing their child’s clothes or simply feeding them, can take hours rather than minutes. This conversation highlighted just how crucial Zoe’s Place is, providing a safe environment where parents can leave their children with professionals who understand their specific needs, allowing them to manage everyday tasks like the weekly food shop. While the Mayor had previously heard about the commendable work of Zoe’s Place and visited the hospice, the Mayor shared; “Meeting a parent and listening to their personal story offered a powerful insight into the significant impact Zoe’s Place has on families.”

The visit comes at a crucial time as we celebrate Children’s Hospice Week, aiming to raise awareness and support for the invaluable services provided by hospices across the country. Mayor Bendelow urged the community to rally behind Zoe’s Place, emphasising the importance of participation and donations. “My message to the people is support Zoe’s Place as much as you can. Attend functions, buy raffle tickets, make donations – any help will be deeply appreciated.”

This year marks a significant milestone for Zoe’s Place as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. We have an array of fundraising initiatives, activities, and events planned to commemorate this special occasion. Mayor Bendelow encouraged community involvement, highlighting the upcoming 20th Anniversary Ball on November 1st. “20 years is amazing. Let’s ensure Zoe’s Place continues to serve the community for at least another 20 years by attending, buying tickets, or sponsoring the event.”

Mayor Bendelow, who was officially invested at a special investiture ceremony on 29th May, has a long history of community involvement. An elected councillor for South Bank from 2015 to 2019, re-elected in 2023, he also works as a postman and is a dedicated supporter of Middlesbrough Football Club. Alongside his support for Zoe’s Place, he is raising funds for St John’s Church in South Bank, which needs £10,000 for a new roof.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mayor Bendelow for his ongoing support and commitment to Zoe’s Place. His visit and encouraging words have truly boosted our efforts during Children’s Hospice Week and our 20th anniversary celebrations.

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