Running the London Marathon for Zoe’s Place – Issy’s story

Published date: 11 February 2024
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Meet Issy Wherritt, a spirited 23-year-old with a heart as big as her strides on the pavement.

She’s gearing up to conquer the iconic London Marathon this April, not just for the thrill of the race, but for something much bigger – she’s running for Zoe’s Place, a source of relief and a place of joy for children with complex needs. 

For Issy, Zoe’s Place isn’t just a charity – it’s part of her DNA.

With cousins who’ve walked its halls, and a lifelong friend called Rachael (who just happens to be Community and Events Fundraiser here), deeply involved in its mission, Issy’s connection runs deep.  

“From a young age, I’ve been captivated by the incredible work Zoe’s Place does. Seeing the dedication of the staff and volunteers has ignited a fire in me to give back.” 

Running isn’t just a hobby for Issy – it’s a calling that’s been with her since she first laced up her shoes at Middlesbrough’s old Clareville Stadium.

Throughout her life, she has run in county championships and university running groups, and she’s now at local Harrier outfit, Boro Runners.

Issy has chased her passion across every mile, and now, after conquering half marathons and local races, she’s ready to take on the ultimate challenge: 26.2 miles through the bustling streets of London. 

“This isn’t just about personal glory,” she confides. “It’s about making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.” 

Her dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed either.

“Issy’s commitment to our cause is truly inspiring,” says Harriet Langston, Head of Fundraising at Zoe’s Place. “We’re incredibly grateful for her willingness to take on this challenge and support our mission.” 

With her parents cheering her on in the capital, Issy is determined to make every mile count.

“I’ll be following in my mum’s footsteps, because she first ran this marathon in 1990, so its going to be quite emotional on the day I think.”

Issy with mum (left) and Community Fundraiser and friend Rachael (right)

“I’m ready to show the world what I can do, all for the children who inspire me.” 

She’s also had additional advice from the one and only Sir Mo Farah too, having heard him at a Boro Runners talk she attended recently.

“Sir Mo told me to keep thinking about the cause I’m running for, because it’ll give me the extra motivation to carry on. So ill certainly be thinking of all the wonderful children at Zoe’s.”

As Issy’s feet hit the pavement on race day, she’ll carry with her the hopes and dreams of the children at our charity.

With each stride, she’ll come one step closer to making a difference in their lives.

Join her on this incredible journey and together, let’s support Issy as she runs for a cause that’s bigger than any finish line.

Support her fundraising efforts by clicking here.

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