Our bear runs in the Mascot Gold Cup!

Published date: 30 April 2024
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In the bustling town of Wetherby, excitement filled the air as mascots from all corners of the UK gathered for the annual Sue Ryder Mascot Gold Cup.

Among the iconic characters was regular volunteer Gill Clark, who donned our bear costume, ready for the challenge ahead in support of Zoe’s Place Middlesbrough. 

However, given that she’s already a seasoned volunteer who always suits up, she was undaunted. From the Boundary 500 Santa Ride to lively hospice parties, her and the Zoe’s Place Bear have been on quite a journey already! 

Our mascot with friend ‘Justin Beaver’.

Amidst the spirited parade, Poundland’s ‘Pound Hound’ led a warm-up, as onlookers placed their bets, setting the stage for the main event. 

Soon after, the race began! Mascots dashed forward, the crowd roaring with anticipation as they all ran 220 yards, clambering over six imposing fences as they went.  

Despite her spirited determination, she finished in second to last place – and although victory eluded her, her spirit shone bright as she crossed the finish line, cheered on by supporters.  

Volunteer Gill Clark at the hospice

While the RNLI’s Stormy Sam claimed the top spot, closely followed by the likes of Lego Man and a Panto Pony, Gill has done us very proud as the Zoe’s Bear. 

We were also joined at the race by our good friend ‘Justin Beaver’ of Constant Security. They are a great local organisation who have been supporting and fundraising for us for the past 18 months.  

David Watling, Contracts Support at the company said:  

“For many years, Constant Security South Yorkshire have raised funds for a similar charity based nearby. However, when our North East division grew in numbers, we also wanted to raise funds for a similar charity to that of our Head Office.” 

“We came across Zoe’s Place because it was situated near to one of the venues we work at. Over the past 18 months or so, we have raised funds and assisted with various volunteering at events.  One of our staff has also got a very personal link to Zoe’s Place.” 

We’d like to thank both Constant Security and Gill for their continued support. The former for continuing to help in any way they can, and the latter for volunteering as our mascot at various events. (And weekly at the hospice in an administrative role)

If you could support our charity in any way from fundraising, volunteering or just cheering us on, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’d love to hear from you.  

If you’d like to support Gill’s fundraiser for the Mascot Cup – please click here.  

To catch up on the race, click here

From left to right – David Watling (Constant Security), Justin Beaver, Our mascot and Ashleigh Wood (Zoe’s Place Corporate Fundraiser)
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