Play therapy is part of the child’s development and learning and can act as a vital coping mechanism for children. It provides them with confidence, self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. It is very important that each child can have the opportunity to play and enjoy just being a child, despite their illness. At Zoë’s Place we provide a range of developmentally appropriate activities which are fun and engaging for each child. Our Play Specialist will assess each child individually, to see what their abilities are. Each child will have a specialised play plan to meet their needs as an individual so that they can tailor each session to their individual needs, and can inform and guide the rest of the staff on the best activities to suit them.

We cover a wide range of play including sensory play, art, music, outdoor, soft play and imaginative play. Play is often messy at Zoë’s Place which the children particularly love. The children get the opportunity to play with paint, jelly, sand and spaghetti allowing them to explore textures and express themselves. We have specialist facilities made for children living with additional health needs including a soft play, sensory room and a sensory garden.