INOV-8 Pennine Trail Marathon

August 26 2023 08:00 - March 26 2023 18:00
Challenge/Fitness Liverpool

Date – Saturday 26th August 2023

Location – Hurstwood Lane, Burnley, United Kingdom BB10 3LF

Reg Fee – £42


The Pennine’s are host to some of the most stunning and scenic trails in the country, and it’s about time we dedicated a whole flipping trail marathon to them!
Starting in the picturesque setting of Simply Fields just outside of Hurstwood, the race begins through the woods with a climb over Gorple to Gorple Rocks, before descending back down to Widdop Reservoir where you will reach your first checkpoint just before Walshaw Dean Reservoir.

Running up and over to Top Withins, you’ll descend over the trails down past Bronte Waterfalls, heading down the farm track towards Howarth and your next Checkpoint . Taking a right at the road, you’ll begin to head back over more farm track to the next checkpoint, climbing back up and over to see the forest of Hardcastle Crags as you reach the summit of the hill.

Descending down to the woods, you’ll take a right along the track on Shackleton Hill with Hardcastle Crags to your right, before descending down and through on some super woodland trails, before climbing back out to your last checkpoint .

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