MP Taiwo Visits Zoe’s Place Coventry

Published date: 6 November 2023
Coventry Press release

Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice in Coventry was pleased to welcome Coventry North MP, Taiwo Owatemi, in the run up to Hospice Awareness Month to meet the team and see the support Zoe’s Place provides to children and families in the area.  

The hospice offers support to families with children dealing with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. During the visit, Taiwo took time to discuss the significance of the care provided to local families, and how amidst the current challenging economic climate, hospice have managed to maintain their crucial services.  

Joan Stainsby, Executive Trustee, of Zoe’s Place, expressed her gratitude for the visit, stating: “I was delighted to meet Taiwo at the Hospice and grateful that she took the time out of her busy schedule, to come and see firsthand the support we provide to children and families who attend the hospice. This was a great boost to our team, especially as the economic climate continues challenge to our efforts.” 

It costs around £1.5 million each year to keep Zoe’s Place open and provide care, free of charge to families when it’s needed most. In the past year the Coventry hospice has supported around 50 families.  

Ian Carr, Head of Fundraising, acknowledges: “We can only do what we do, thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers who support us to provide life changing care.” 

Zoe’s Place offers a holistic care setting, including pet therapy, physiotherapy, creative play and even group activities with siblings. The team are committed to creating happy moments and memories of childhood which all children deserve. 

Taiwo’s visit came at a significant milestone for the organisation as it announced its doors could now open to families every day since the pandemic.  

Before the onset of the pandemic, Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice provided round-the-clock care to the most vulnerable children and their families. However, the charity was forced to scale back its operations to just 2-3 days a week due to the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19. 

Over the past two years, Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice has worked to ensure the safety of its staff, children, and families while gradually reintroducing its services and opening the doors more and more as they worked hard to raise the funds to be able to do this. 

Gina Harris, Head of Care at Zoe’s Place Coventry, said “The fact that we are now able to open every day is a testament to the dedication of our team and the brilliant support of our community. We still want to achieve our main aim of returning to full 24/7 care, but this is a significant step forward and shows the progress we have made since the pandemic. 

Hospice Awareness Month serves as a poignant reminder of the essential services provided by hospices across the UK. It is during this time that supporters, staff and volunteers are acknowledged for their efforts to keep Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice in Coventry running.” 

A parent of a child that we care for said; “At the end of last year, one of the consultants made our referral to Zoe’s Place, and I am honestly so glad they did because it has made the world of difference to our child and his recovery.”  

As Hospice Awareness Month approaches, Zoe’s Place Coventry invites individuals, businesses, and communities to learn more about their cause. And perhaps consider supporting one of their many events which include a Gala Ball, Strictly Christmas 2023, exhilarating wing walks, skydives and much more!    

Zoe’s Place, is a registered charity, committed to providing palliative, respite, and end-of-life care to babies and children up to five years of age. The hospice is unique in its dedication to offering care, support, and a sense of normality to families facing unimaginable challenges. 

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