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Rio comes to Coventry!
Coventry Hospice

Rio comes to Coventry!

Published date: 10 August 2016

Rio comes to Coventry!

In true Olympic Spirit, staff and the children have hosted their own “Mini Olympics” right here at the Coventry Hospice.

The children have enjoyed making Olympic torches and crowns ready for the “Big Event”

They have then taken part in various sporting feats such as the 100 yards “scooter dash”, football, basketball and skittles to name but a few!

The awards ceremony was a spectacular affair with medals, certificates, Olympic torches and crowns galore.

We think our staff here are AMAZING here at Zoë’s Place Coventry and I know our children do too!

We hope you enjoy the picture gallery of some of our Olympic Heroes.

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i think this hospice is amazing... i have been researching you and i really really appreciate all you do for ill children.
i have 2 infant members in my family and i think it is incredible how people are so willing to help our upcoming generation
thank you everyone who is in these places, raising money for these places and everyone else who somehow shows support.

13 September 2016 16:43
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Rosaline Castillo

I think everyone at Zoe's place deserve gold medals for the excellent job they do for these special children.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. My granddaughter Ziva loves it there with you and, her parents get that well earned rest they need without feeling guilty in leaving her.

Thank you all so much.

11 August 2016 08:59
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