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Zoë's Place Baby Hospice launches new weekly lottery draw with Your Hospice Lottery!
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Zoë's Place Baby Hospice launches new weekly lottery draw with Your Hospice Lottery!

Published date: 22 June 2021

Zoë's Place Baby Hospice launches new weekly lottery draw with Your Hospice Lottery!




It’s official - there is a new easy and fun way to support Zoë's Place Baby Hospice. 

For just £1 per play per week, you can help secure the funds needed that Zoë's Place desperately need to run their 3 hospices- based in Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Coventry. Plus, you will have the chance of winning 187 weekly cash prizes ranging from £10 to £1,000, plus a rollover jackpot of £500, which if not won each week rolls over to a massive £25,000!

Zoë's Place Baby Hospice has teamed up with the lottery experts at Your Hospice Lottery to launch this easy and exciting way to raise funds. Anyone over 18 can play, and by playing on a regular basis, they will be enabling Zoë's Place Baby Hospice to provide palliative, respite and end of life care to babies and infants from 0-5 years of age with life limiting or life threatening illnesses. 

Ian Carr, Head of Fundraising said: "In what has been the most difficult couple of years we can remember here at Zoë's Place, it's great to be able to announce some great news and our brand new Lottery! Not only will players have a chance to win some fantastic cash prizes, but by taking part they'll be helping us to continue our palliative, end of life and respite care for children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. I encourage anyone to take part and by doing so will be helping us to help those who need it most." 

Gemma Zweck, Lottery Manager at Your Hospice Lottery commented: “We are delighted to be welcoming Zoë's Place Baby Hospice into our weekly lottery draw. We have 20 years’ experience of running a successful lottery operation for hospices and charities nationally and are extremely blessed to have the opportunity to expand and work with Zoë's Place Baby Hospice. What they do is simply amazing- their team of nurses offer a safe, caring and fun environment, where parents know that their child will receive the very best possible care.”

She went onto say “The fact that we are owned and operated by St Helena Hospice, means that all lottery profits stay in the hospice sector.”

Supporters can join the lottery now in support of Zoë's Place Baby Hospice in one of the following ways:

Call the Your Hospice Lottery team on 0800 285 1390


visit where you can play by Direct Debit or Debit card.


Gift memberships are available from £10, plus lottery wedding favours - a great way to support Zoë's Place Baby Hospice at your wedding or special occasion!

The first draw for Zoë's Place Baby Hospice will be held on Friday 2nd July. Don’t forget to check your results weekly at  

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