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David and Isla's story
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David and Isla's story

Published date: 26 January 2021

David and Isla's story

At the start of 2021, Zoë’s Place launched its first event of the year; One Mile Marathon, and Isla, who is primary school-aged, jumped to the chance to take part. 

For Isla, the opportunity was one she just couldn’t pass up. Isla is the big sister of David; a 2-year-old boy who has been coming to the hospice since he was 6 months.  

David is a very happy, smiley, sociable little boy but he was born very prematurely with cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. Everyday challenges for David and his family include his feeding routine because David is fed through a tube that goes into his tummy, which requires a strict physiotherapy regime and continuous care from his family.  

For David’s family, Zoë’s Place is an invaluable lifeline because it offers much-needed respite and support.

Like many families, this is often the only break they get. Zoë’s Place also offers access to peer support groups and sibling activities, which for David’s family is just as important. 

David absolutely loves spending time with the nursing staff and other children.  


When asked how the experience of lockdown 1 was for David’s family, his Mum, Kim, replied:

“It was very understandable why Zoë’s had to close, but we really did miss them! It made us realise just how beneficial David's stays are, for his own wellbeing and development but also the respite it offers the rest of the family. Often Isla feels she needs to look after David all the time and it’s lovely for her to have her own time.” 


And for Isla, lockdown presented its own challenges:  

“Isla has found it tough during lockdown missing her friends and adapting to homeschooling. She has also worried about David catching the virus as he is clinically vulnerable.” 

So, when Kim and Isla saw the One Mile Marathon advertised on social media, they were one of the first to sign up!

Isla says: "I wanted to do it because I'd do anything to help my little brother and Zoë’s Place." 


With a target of £150, Isla will be walking and running and has managed to rope Mummy, Daddy, and David in too! 

I think we’d all agree Isla is a true inspiration and a wonderful example of how we can all make a difference. And now you can, too. 

During February, become a #zoeshero and sign up to take part in our One Mile Marathon – only 1 mile a day for 26 days. There is no registration fee and you raise what you can. Every single penny will go towards helping families like David’s.  

Can you help us help our babies by signing up today? 

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