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10 tips to clear out your wardrobe
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10 tips to clear out your wardrobe

Published date: 24 August 2018 by Rachel Swanson

10 tips to clear out your wardrobe

It’s that time of year again…time to pack away the summer wardrobe and get out your winter clothes! But is there enough space for all those woolly jumpers, parker coats and Chelsea boots? We have put together 10 top tips to help you get that organised wardrobe you have always wanted...

 Don’t rush it! You need to give yourself a good few hours to get this right! So make sure you schedule it in the diary, and when the time comes close the bedroom door (Kick everyone out of the house if you have to), turn on your favourite playlist and go for it!

Don’t try and take everything on at the same time! Section your clothes into different categories and tackle one section at a time. This way you can compare your tops with other tops and jeans with other jeans, which makes it easier to get rid of some. Trying on all your dresses together makes it more obvious which one is your favourite LBD and which one is SO last summer!

It is all about piles. Split your clothes into 3 sections… Yes, no and maybe! Those maybes are the ones that are going to take up your time. Get ready for a “trying on” session to help you make your mind up. I know whenever I have done this, I have turned my bedroom into a catwalk and pretended to be strutting along, doing my best model poses (don’t pretend you haven’t done this too).

There is one question you need to ask yourself when deciding what to keep and what to ditch in your wardrobe… “When did I last wear this??” If you have not worn it within the last year, it is time to get rid. It is more than likely that there is a reason you haven’t worn it for so long, and probably won’t ever wear it again!

Remember, it is all about quality, not quantity. So don’t be afraid to be brutal when deciding what to get rid of. It is so easy to make the mistake of “impulse buying” in Primark and getting lots of items for a few pounds that result in your wardrobe being fit to burst.  Try to keep those “investment pieces” which you won’t get tired of down the line and clear out the impulse buys in that no pile.

If you can’t create more than one outfit with it then it is taking up space that you could use for something much more useful. Get trying all those different combinations and see what works – don’t be afraid to be daring and mix-match. You never know until you try it!

I know what you're thinking - it's crazy! Swapping over your wardrobe from Summer to Winter, getting out the winter jumpers and packing away the shorts until next summer (If it ever comes.. we do live in Britain afterall). But I promise you, it will change your life and make every day deciding what to wear less of a challenge. And if you buy something now in the sales for next summer, pack it away and when you get it out next summer it will feel like a new purchase.

So by now you should have your yes pile and your no pile. So what is the next step for the yes pile... well co-ordination is key!! Whether you want to co-ordinate by colour, type, comfort, work vs home... Whatever it is! Just find what organisation style works for you. By doing this you will make it SO much easier to find things that go together when you're in a rush!

Now, what to do with that BIG (or should be big...) No pile. There are lots of things you can do with them.. one option is to give them to your younger family members as hand me downs - we all know fashion comes round again! The second option is to donate them to charity. There are lots of charity shops and charity textile bins around where you can take them to and charities will be able to make great use of them to help others and to raise funds for their cause too. You can support Zoë's Place in this way, find out more here: Zoë's Place Textile Recycling

Now you should have your completed wardrobe - but how do you make sure you don't get it back into the same state all over again? Well when putting your clothes away - put your hangers in backwards. Then when you wear an item - you turn it round the other way. That way in 6 months time when you come to swap your wardrobes over, you know it is time to go for all those with the hangers still in backwards, and your wardrobe is kept up to date with the items of clothing that you ACTUALLY wear.


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