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24hrs is a walk in the park for Mahendra
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24hrs is a walk in the park for Mahendra

Published date: 19 June 2018 by Marc Dwyer

24hrs is a walk in the park for Mahendra

A Coventry man aims to take on a 24hr Walk-a-Thon on Thursday 21st June 2018 to coincide with the Summer Solstice starting at 12noon at War Memorial Park Coventry. Mahendra Patel will walk aided by supporters completing laps of the Memorial Park for a full day and night. The feat is even more impressive as Mahendra is visually impaired and has 3m disk bulge in his lower back which renders him dependant on medication everyday so that he can stay active.

Mahendra is taking on the challenge to support 4 local charities; Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice, Myton Hospice, Christians against Poverty and Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind.

Mahendra said:

“I'm doing this as I have a heart for helping and unfortunately I’m not in a position to visit the bank and give lots of money to charity, I felt that doing something to challenge myself and help raise awareness of local charities which need our support would be a way I could make a difference.  I just wanted people to know that we can achieve good things in our lives and at the heart of this is giving back to our communities/charities.

“I want to support Zoë’s Place and Myton as I’ve personally known of people using these amazing places which are vital to supporting children and adults who need palliative and end-of-life care.”

“Christians against Poverty are a major help to all people in debt and need non-judgemental help in getting their lives back on track”

Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind helped me no end when I became visually impaired in 2010, this was a major change to my life where accepting change took 8 to 16 months and this place showed me how to move forward and gave me confidence to start taking steps outside the front door, wearing an eyepatch and using a white cane to get around with.  

“Hopefully I can inspire others to do the same that regardless of what we go through, what bridges we need to cross . . . .  We can do this, I am blessed to do a job I love.  Being a musician percussion hand drummer and drum kit player also helps me to give back to charities and also helps me put food on the table.”

“My faith as a Christian has been the core and purpose to how I live in, helping, encouraging both people locally and anywhere else they might be. “

Marc Dwyer, Zoë’s Place Challenge Events organiser said:

“We are proud to receive Mahendra’s support with this incredible challenge event. 24 hours is a long time to be constantly walking. Mahendra will need support and at least 1 volunteer with him at all times if you can spare an hour to help please do get in touch with the hospice on 024 76939520.”

To donate towards Mahendra’s £1000 target please visit

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