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Blimey.....The youth of today!
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Blimey.....The youth of today!

Published date: 14 November 2017

Blimey.....The youth of today!

What do you think about the Youth of Today?

We hear a lot of bad press about our young people, sowing ideas that they are inactive, spoilt and selfish.  In fact studies have been made on this very subject.  A Department of Education study found that although data suggests there are negative perceptions of teenagers, the position is not clear cut. The media tends to present a negative picture of young people whilst the views of adults and young people themselves are more nuanced.

 A review of 17 broadsheet and local papers undertaken during the week 2-8 August 2004 and 1-7 August 2005 (consisting of a total of 603 and 684 youth related articles, respectively) showed that the majority of articles published were negative, although there had been a decline between the two years (71% in 2004 and 57% in 2005). Perceptions do matter because if they generate low expectations, they can lead to low aspirations, low participation and consequently poor outcomes

The Truth about OUR Youth!

Luckily Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice has had a completely different experience with our local young people.  Just today we had a group of Duke of Edinburgh Award students from a local school to volunteer their time at the hospice.  They walked over 30 minutes to get here and then spent the morning raking and clearing leaves from the garden, before they returned to school. Not only that, they left with a raft of entry forms for the Mudnificent 7 and a whole load of ideas of how to raise some money! How fantastic is that?

Throughout the year we spend a lot of our time thanking children and young adults who have gone “over and above” to support their local baby hospice.  We get many many schools in the area who support us with different campaigns, but regularly we get children telling us about their own fundraising initiatives.  Some have cut their hair off, some take on sporting events, some organise their own events! Then there are those that use their skills to help us fundraise or make craft items or cakes to sell and raise money. Then there are those, like our team today, that give up their time and volunteer with us.

None of this sounds particularly selfish or sedentary to me.  In fact our team are constantly surprised, amazed and delighted at our local young people, they bring a huge amount of energy, new skills and enthusiasm to our team and we are lucky to have them.

If you are a young person who would like to find out more about getting involved with #TeamZoes and making a big contribution to your community, we would love to hear from you!  Just contact the Fundraising Team for more information about our events and volunteering opportunities.  Not only will you make a difference but you will make new friends, learn new skills and put your talents to good use!


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