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Wild Inca Blog - The Trek Begins!
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Wild Inca Blog - The Trek Begins!

Published date: 07 September 2017

Wild Inca Blog - The Trek Begins!

The only way is UP!

Today is day one of the trek for our intrepid explorers and they will be climbing from 3700m to 4600m along the old Inca Trail.  There will be plenty to look at including “saqsaywaman”, pronounced “sexywoman” (well it made me chuckle!).  The ruins are usually described as a fortress because it is practically enclosed by three slopes. However, modern investigations suggest that it probably was a temple devoted to the worship of the Sun, for which both the construction and the surrounding landscape alignments were important.  Either way it is an awesome sight!

The trek will continue into the high valley and up the high pass until the team reach their first nights “wild camp” with amazing views!

All the team are doing well, with no obvious effects from being at altitude which is great to hear.  Apparently the food is good but no one has been brave enough to sample the guinea pig!  I’m not sure I can blame them!


Tune in again as we keep you updated with the progress of the amazing team.

If you would like to send some encouragement, you can make an online donation HERE.  Please put PERU TREK as your reference and we will make sure the money is shared between the six brave challengers.

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