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Wild Inca Blog - Arrival!
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Wild Inca Blog - Arrival!

Published date: 06 September 2017

Wild Inca Blog - Arrival!

After a long journey, the gang have finally arrived in Cusco in Peru.  The trekkers will spend a further day here to acclimatise their bodies to being at altitude.  This is really important as it helps mitigate the risk of developing Altitude Sickness which could jeopardise the chances of completing the challenge.

Spending time at altitude will help the body adjust along with getting plenty of rest, keeping hydrated and taking medication such as Diamox.  Trekking at altitude is difficult as the body has to work much harder than you would be used to in the UK because there is much less oxygen in the air.  This challenge was never going to be easy!

The locals often use Coco leaves either chewing them like tobacco or in a tea, and the leaves have proven properties in helping with altitude sickness.  So the team have embraced local culture already and have sampled a cup of coco tea! I am awaiting the verdict!

Tune in again as we keep you updated with the progress of the amazing team.

If you would like to send some encouragement, you can make an online donation HERE.  Please put PERU TREK as your reference and we will make sure the money is shared between the six brave challengers.

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Matthew bellamy

Hi I'm Debbie Thomas's partner me and megan Debbie's daughter dropped the girls off at Heathrow on Monday afternoon to meet up with the rest of the team who'd they'd be doing the Inca trail with. The whole group seemed to be in high spirits and raring to go, paul (Spock) one of the guides is a nice guy, we had a good chat at the airport as we both hold the same qualification so they're in good hands. I took the girls and there partners to Snowdon for a weekend to do some walking and training in preparation for the treck and they all did really well with great enthusiasm,camaraderie. The girls have done lots of different events to raise money and still have a few to do on there return from Peru 🇵🇪, I'd like to add if it wasn't for the support and generosity from all of the people sponsoring and donating this couldn't of happened so thank you all for your amazing help matt.

06 September 2017 12:14
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Anne Hardy

Good luck to all of you , especially the Fab Four, you are doing something amazing , be safe and remember why you are there love to you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️

06 September 2017 11:00
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