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Change a life with a life changing event in 2017
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Change a life with a life changing event in 2017

Published date: 29 November 2016

Change a life with a life changing event in 2017

Our intrepid Challenge Events Fundraiser is heading up our “Challenge Event Roadshow” and coming to a venue near you!

Come and find out about all the fantastic events that we have lined up for you, your family, your friends and your co-workers in 2017.

Setting yourself a challenge for 2017 has a multitude of benefits and can be a life changing experience, if not for you, then certainly for our special babies and their families.

How will taking on a life changing event make a difference in MY life?

Taking on a challenge event is a fantastic way of learning and developing new skills, making new friends, “getting out of your comfort zone”, increasing your fitness, feeling a sense of achievement and making a difference in your community.

The skills acquired to complete a challenge event can be effectively transferred into other areas of your life with great success.  The expertise you gain to reach your fundraising target can include networking, communication, initiative, team building and are all invaluable on a CV.  This is particularly useful if you need to demonstrate skills that you don’t currently carry out.

To be successful in your challenge you will need to show commitment, self-discipline and bravery.  These are all fantastic traits to cultivate and it will enhance your personal development considerably.  The feeling of elation, pride and no doubt relief when you accomplish your challenge will stay with you forever.  This coupled with knowing you have made a big difference to an amazing cause will out you on a real high for days!  Some say it can be addictive.  Some say you will never be the same again!

How will taking on a life changing event make a difference to Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice?

Zoë’s Place Baby Hospices are the only baby specific hospices in the UK, we are a small charity providing a niche but incredibly vital service and are a lifeline for many families in the community.  In many cases the only break a parent gets from the stress of caring for their child 24/7 is when they visit the hospice. 

 It is a frustrating fact that providing our “free of charge” specialist care does not come cheap.  Currently we have an annual target of 1.3million to operate at full capacity (six cots) and just less than 15% of our income comes from statutory funding.  We have progressed over the last 5 years from being open part time to now offering a full 24/7 wrap around care service for four cots.  However we cannot rest on our laurels as it is essential for us to open the last two cots at the hospice.  We are receiving an ever increasing amount of referrals from children and families who need our care and with your help and continued support we can achieve our goal.

Raising money through taking on a challenge event DOES and WILL CONTINUE to make a difference. 

If you still need convincing then our Challenge Events Fundraiser, Vicky Whitlock, welcomes you to come along to one of our Road Show events.  Vicky has taken on a multitude of challenge events and speaks passionately and from experience about the positive changes it has made to her life, including a successful career change!  Vicky is also available to talk at your work place or club, just drop an enquiry email to VICKY WHITLOCK and we can arrange a date!

Catch Vicky if you can at –


3rd December 2016 – GO OUTDOORS, COVENTRY

7th December 2016 – WEST ORCHARDS SHOPPING CENTRE – 12pm – 9pm


                                       Drop In – 12pm – 8pm

                                       Peru "WILD INCA" Trek Information Sessions – 2.30pm and 5.30 pm

9th December 2016 - CANNON PARK SHOPPING CENTRE 12-4pm

10th December 2016 – CANNON PARK SHOPPING CENTRE 12-4pm

16th December 2016 – CANNON PARK SHOPPING CENTRE 12-4pm



21st January 2017 – GO OUTDOORS, COVENTRY

22nd January 2017 – GO OUTDOORS, COVENTRY

Will you change a life and take on a life changing event?  See all of the opportunities we have on offer during 2017 or go crazy and devise your own!


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