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Show us ya Lovely Mug!
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Show us ya Lovely Mug!

Published date: 08 November 2016

Show us ya Lovely Mug!

We need YOU to get involved in a new awareness campaign for Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice. 

Despite being open for 5 years now, can you believe there are still people who haven’t heard about us?  We are looking for people to show us their lovely mug on our social media pages to help spread the word about our fantastic Hospice.  Our campaign will be starting now and running until the end of 2017.  Interested?  Read on to find out more……..

How can I take part?

All you need to do is collect a lovely colourful MUG from Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice in Coventry.  The Mug is FREE but will we stop you making a donation? Hell NO! Donations make us happy!

So, I’ve got the MUG – Now what?

Simply take as many ”MUG SHOT SELFIE'S“ at locations and events of your choice and upload to your Facebook Page or Twitter Page remembering to tag us and use the hashtag #MUGSHOTZP

How do we tag Zoë’s Place?

If you are a fan of Facebook use @zoes.coventry or if you are a born twitterer tag us @ZoesPlaceCov – simple!

What is a Hashtag?

When it comes to social media, the hashtag or # is used to draw attention, to organise, and to promote.  Our hashtag for MUGSHOT is #MUGSHOTZP and it will help us and everyone else find your photo.

What’s in it for me?

Ooooo lots!  First there is that lovely warm glow of helping Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice.  Second, if you get 100 likes on your MUGSHOT, notify us with your contact details to and you will be entered into our MUGSHOT Prize Draw at the end of 2017!  And last but certainly not least, simply add a tea bag and hot water and you’ve got yourself a lovely mug of tea, Mmmmmmm.

So come on, we all know how much you love the selfie's, so let’s make it a #MUGSHOTZP selfie.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see your #MUGSHOTZP at places like the Giant’s Causeway, Machu Pichu, swimming with dolphins, with a Rock Star or even…….Coventry Cathedral!  Use your imagination, the more adventurous or bizarre the better!

Take a look at our example for inspiration – surely you can do better?

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Louise Nichols

Hi My Name is Louise Nichols and I am a Support Worker at the Aylesbury Life house.
I would really like to get involved with the Mug picture and promote your service, I will be at the Leamington Spa Head Office 13/12/16 for our Christmas team meeting and thought this would make a good picture.
I would also like to Visit but I would be able to do this until the new year, Is this something I could arrange with you please.

Kind regards

Louise Nichols 07799477778

28 November 2016 12:33
+187 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down
Colin Lent

Love this idea - will be in for some mugs soon :)

08 November 2016 19:58
+188 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

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