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Go Bear

Implement some beared themed fundraiser into your curriculum. Just a few quick ideas below.

Guess the Bear name

Host a guess the bear blindcard and charge a fee for each guess! The winner gets a cut and so do we, everyones a winner! Oh and they also get to keep the bear. It's a no brainer.

Dress bear themed or yellow

Mix up your non uniform day and come to school in something bear themed, that can be pyjamas or even a pictured tshirt! Alternatively, you can dress in yellow, the colour of Zoë's. 

The Great Teddy Bear Bake Off

Put your baking skills to the test and create some wonderful bear themed bakes, from cookies to cakes the possibilites are endless. Sell your goodies at a cake stall and raise some funds for Zoë's Place.

Sponsored walk in the woods

If you go down to the woods today..

Explore your local woods just like a bear would and ask your friends and family for a small donation for doing so. You can do this in Feburary and tie it in with our 1 mile marathon event or even in October when our 30in30 event is on. 

You can also host a teddy bear's picnic in the woods and ask for a small donation from each attendee. Enjoy some fresh air and explore before taking a rest and enjoy some healthy snacks. 

For more information please contact Rachael at or call 01642 457985. Download our Schools Pack HERE.