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Our Fundraising

Fundraising is the engine that keeps this special hospice open for the families that rely on our nursing team. The care that these amazing children require will never cease and neither will the efforts of our fundraisers and volunteers to make sure the funds are always there to keep the doors of Zoë's Place open.

As with all children’s hospices we receive a modest amount of funding from the NHS and central Government. This funding is very important to us as the service to the families is provided entirely free of charge, but, it only goes a small way towards the costs of running the hospice. The reality is that Zoë’s Place relies almost entirely on donations from our supporters.

In this section you will find details of how you and your friends can make a real difference to the lives of the young children who come to Zoë's Place each day. We are always looking for new ideas and opportunities and would love to hear from you, your company or organisation if you feel you could help.

Over the years supporters have come up with a staggering array of fundraising ideas. They range from organising Gala Balls and bike rides to running in charity half marathons and trekking up mountains. We have even had children raffling their very own Easter eggs to their friends to raise funds for the hospice! 

Remember, there are no limits on good fundraising ideas. If you have thought up a concept that you are passionate about and feel could help benefit the hospice then come and talk to one of the team.

The only barriers in fundraising are our own imaginations.

Tell us about your fundraising plans here.

If you need some inspiration, visit easyfundraising, to see their 130 different ways to raise funds for charity.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We all hope you will be inspired to help support Zoë’s Place.                                                                           

Zoe’s Place Trust -  Fundraising strategy/philosophy


View our 'Fundraising Promise' here. 

Zoe’s Place Trust raises funds to provide palliative, respite and end of life care to babies and infants aged from birth to 5 years.

Zoe’s Place is unique we are the only baby specific hospices in the U.K.

Zoe’s Place has three Baby Hospices located in Coventry, Liverpool and Middlesbrough.  All three Hospices provide care on a 24/7 basis.

Each Hospice needs to raise £1.5m each year in order to provide our services free to all families who access our facilities.

Fundraising activities

Zoe’s Place is funded primarily through donations, voluntary fundraising as well as some public sector commissioning arrangements.

To deliver our extensive fundraising programme we employ our own specialist fundraisers as well as benefitting from a large number of dedicated volunteers, who give their time and energy free to raise valuable funds and share the stories of the Hospice.

Our team of fundraisers will raise income through campaigns, events, regular giving, lottery, physical challenges, major donors, Company partnerships, grant making foundations, and legacies.

Fundraisers will be provided with all the necessary equipment, support and information to ensure they are able to carry out their duties in the most cost effective manner.

Whilst our first priority will be to raise sufficient funds to cover our present day to day expenditure we will also seek to raise funds to ensure that we are able to provide our services to future beneficiaries and families.

Fundraising is an investment and as such needs to demonstrate an acceptable return.  We will strive to obtain the maximum return from the capital employed to generate income.  As a general principal all events/challenges/campaigns will provide a minimum of between 3 to 5 times return on capital spent.

Objectives will be set for each Hospice in order to raise funds to “keep the doors open”.  Our income objectives for the year 2019-20 are summarised as follows:

We will seek to generate £500,000 from Trust & Grants towards core funding.
Fundraisers will ensure we have a wide variety of events/challenges available to appeal to donors.
Each Hospice will have at least one major event each year to generate circa £50,000.
Statutory Funding – NHS Grant in place for the present year.  We will develop funding with various CCG’s to increase existing levels where possible.  Our objective being to increase the income from this category to £1.2m. 
Lottery  -  We will look to increase our exposure with the strap line “support Zoe’s Place with the chance to win £25,000”
Regular giving campaign to be organised in January 2020.
Merchandise – will be reviewed and increased.  We will look at the option of selling direct from our website to the donor where possible.
Social Media – We will continue to develop our exposure on Social Media.  All Hospices will post regular updates/information/case studies of children and their families.  We will ensure a regular “ask” is made and indicate what a weekly/monthly donation would fund.  Posts requesting one off donations will also include an example of what this donation would fund – for example £30 would fund one hour of care.

Our income streams are listed below, with a risk level attached to each classification.

Statutory Funding                                                         Low/medium

Major events                                                                  Medium

Trust & Grants                                                               Medium

Fundraising other events/challenges                         Medium

Donations (Comm/Internet)                                         Medium

Donations Corporate                                                      Medium

Major Donors                                                                       High

Legacies                                                                                 High

Recycle clothes                                                                     Low

Lottery                                                                                    Low

Gift Aid                                                                                    Low

Regular Giving                                                                        Low

Total                                                                   £4, 500,000  

  • Zoe’s Place will not use the services of external professional fundraisers
  • Zoe’s Place will not make unsolicited calls to members of the public requesting donations.
  • Zoe’s Place will not share, swap or sell data collected from supporters with any third party unless we are legally required to do so for example for auditing of gift aid donors by HMRC.
  • Zoe’s Place is regulated by the Fundraising Regulatory Board and agrees to operate in line with the code of practice of this organisation.
  • Zoe’s Place will ensure all staff and volunteers are trained in the awareness of safeguarding vulnerable adults and children.
  • Zoe’s Place is a member of the Institute of Fundraising and agrees to adhere to their principles in dealing with vulnerable adults.

Click here for link to Fundraising Regulator website.

Joan Stainsby

Executive Trustee

January 2020.