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Our Stories

Why not read some of our stories below:


Jorge is 2 years old and he started to come and stay with us when he was a few months old. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy meaning he is totally dependent on the nursing team to care for him throughout the day. He has developmental delays, some visual impairment and he requires feeding through a special tube inserted in his tummy.

Jorge visits the hospice every week and he loves sensory play, messy play, touch and listening to singing. He has regular physiotherapy to help him with his development. He loves cuddles!  Whenever he is staying with us he always lets us know he is happy with his gorgeous smile!

When I asked his parents what Zoë’s Place means to them they replied as follows:

“Zoë’s place has really been a god send to both Jorge and us as a family. The staff are amazing with Jorge, and he gives plenty smiles away when he's there which says it all and makes the difference for us knowing he's in such good hands. The support Zoes provide is first class, their main focus is on the children to ensure they are comfortable and happy. They are always reliable which means we have chance to recharge and take a step back for a short while as Jorge needs 24/7 care and support. We really couldn't do without Zoes place. Thank you so much! Xx”


Connie is four years old. She was born 14 weeks early and spent time in the neonatal unit. She has a hearing and visual impairments and she is developmentally delayed. She has a cleft palate meaning she is unable to feed orally therefore she has a gastrostomy fitted so that she can be fed through this. She suffers from sleep apnoea so she needs to be supervised throughout the night.

When Connie comes to the hospice we know she loves lights, all kinds of lights!

She enjoys playing peek a boo with her blanket and loves cuddles. She likes to shout and make a noise with her toys which means she is not often quiet!! She doesn’t like people to put things into her hands as she likes to take her time and pick them up herself.

She loves bath time and splashing around. Connie is a very happy little girl who does not cry very often.

This is what Connie’s mum told us when she was asked ‘What does Zoë’s Place give to you’?.....….

“It doesn’t feel like I am leaving Connie with strangers as Zoë’s Place feels like an extended family to me. It is a place where we can leave Connie to have fun with her friends. It allows us to spend some quality time with our other children whilst not sacrificing her happiness at all. I never worry about leaving Connie with the team at Zoë’s Place.”


Charlie is 3 years old. He attends the hospice two nights per week.

Charlie was born with congenital heart disease. He had bilateral cerebral infarctions whilst in hospital and he has developmental delays.  He needs to be fed through his gastrostomy tube. He has postural scoliosis and needs to have daily physiotherapy to help with his muscle tone and to help him move positions.

Charlie enjoys sensory play with music and feeling different textures. He loves ‘tummy time’ laying across a wedge and listening to music. He loves cuddles and being talked to during the day.

We encourage Charlie to spend time sitting in his special chair with toys and different textures placed in front of him.

This is what Charlie’s mum told us when she was asked ‘What does Zoë’s Place give to you’?.....….

"It gives us chance to have some normality as Charlie has so many special needs most of our time is spent caring for him. It allows us to catch up on well needed sleep and to enjoy time together with other family members.

We know that Zoë’s Place has helped Charlie with his developmental progress and we feel confident that the team provide Charlie with lots of wonderful care and attention.

Zoë’s Place embraces my whole family and cares for us in lots of ways. We enjoy attending the parents group and the support we get from all the team."