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Textile Recycling

It is estimated that more than 1 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away each year! We have partnered with Roberts Recycling LTD & Clothes Aid to find ways to recycle textiles & help generate income for our hospice at the same time.

These companies can re-use almost any type of wearable textile, including Shirts, Shoes, Belts Etc, and unsuitable textiles are then recycled andcan be cut down to be re-used as industrial wipes, 'pulled' and made into fresh yarn or re-used as felt for stuffing upholstery.

We would like to encourage our supporters to join our Textile recycling scheme, there are a few different ways you can take part: 

Textile Banks

We would love it if you could put wearable clothes, shoes and other textiles into plastic bags and take them to one of our textile banks located around Merseyside. Roberts Recycling collect & empty these banks on a regular basis and so far it generates over £30,000 per year for our special babies.

You could really help us to make such a difference by popping along to one at your nearest location with the clothes that you no longer wear.

We currently have 10 textile banks which are located at:


In your workplace

Roberts Recycling can attend your place of work and deliver these recycling boxes. Once they are full they will return to empty them. Simple! It is great to work as a team to try and collect as much as possible and any help to donate from your wardrobe to our donation bins, helps to provide financial support towards our hospice.

We can even give you a team total so that you know how much of a difference you are making. Just click below to Email us and we will arrange the rest.


In your school or community group

We are encouraging schools to join our textile recycling challenge, to partner with us and Roberts Recycling as we try to raise £200. Could you work together with your school to try and donate as much as you can? You could even have inter-class competitions to see who can collect the most. Roberts Recycling will arrange to drop off some bags for you to give out, and once you have assigned a day for the final collection, they will come along and collect them for you.

We want all schools to join us as we work together to promote social change. Click below to Email us to get started.


Door to Door Collections

We have teamed up with Clothes Aid - a clothing collection company. This is so we can enable funds to be generated from the collection of your unwanted clothing. Clothes Aid deliver bags through the front doors of all Liverpool postcodes. All you have to do is fill the bag, and leave it outside your front door on the stated collection day.

Clothes aid will pick the bag up, and post a thank you card through your door, so that you know they have been. You can find out more information by visiting their website or you can click below to Email us.