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Meet Missy Mae...

Hello, I am Shelley and I am mummy to Missy-Mae. We didn't know that she had any complications before she was born. She has a genetic condition which has no name. Her chromosome 9 has a deletion and duplication, which has caused her to have global delays. Doctors cannot predict how she will develip in the future. She has a tracheostomy, 2 feeding tubes and is oxygen dependant.

She is an amazing little girl who is developing wonderfully at her own pace. She lives at home with me and her brother who is a year older than her. As you can imagine, it was a massive shock to have a baby born with problems that I wasn't expecting and it was a very tough time, and still is at times.

I found out about Zoë's Place when she was around 3 months old and I went to visit them. I loved the place instantly. Everyone was so welcoming and I felt like it was somewhere we belonged. I cannot praise them enough. They are an absolute lifeline for me and my family. The responsibilities that come with raising a severely disabled child are enormous and it impacts on the whole family.

When Missy is at Zoë's Place, I can give her brother the attention he needs and have some time for myself. Without them, I do not know what we would do. Missy is so happy when she is there, and the staff all got to know her very quickly. I relax 100% when she is there and I know she is in safe hands. I am forever in their debt and I am so thankful that they exist.


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