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Can I stay?

We have a parent’s suite where we can offer accommodation for you to stay.

Is the hospice like a hospital?

No we are nothing like a hospital environment. We do have nurses looking after the children however the hospice is designed and set up similar to a nursery setting. The focus is to try and put as much joy as we can into each day through play, touch and stimulation.

How will you know how to look after my child?

Before your child starts to attend we will visit you and talk to you about what care your child needs. We will carry out a care needs assessment and write your child’s individual care plan in partnership with you. We will chat to you on a regular basis to make sure that we keep the care plans up to date. Also we contact the other people who support you e.g. the dietitian and discuss your child’s needs with them.

What will my child do when they come to the hospice?

Your child will have an individual play care plan which tells our team what your child enjoys. Most of the day your child will be involved in play, messy play, sensory stimulation, singing and listening to music. Our play leader always has new activity ideas for our children to try which keeps them busy. Additionally your child will be administered their medication and have any clinical treatment that they require during their stay.

Who will care for my child?

We have a team of nurses, care assistants and nursery nurses who look after your child. Your child will be looked after on a one to one basis during the day and there is always a registered nurse on shift to support the team. We also have a team of GPs who visit the hospice on a regular basis if the children need to see a doctor.

How often can my child attend?

The amount of support that a family needs varies from child to child. The respite that we can offer will be agreed between the hospice Head of care and the family, however generally our minimum offer will be 2 nights per month.

What would I need to bring when my child comes to stay?

We ask that you bring all medical equipment required to care for your child, their toiletries, nappies and clothes. Any special comforters or toys that your child has to settle them. All medications, labelled correctly, with evidence of the current doses from a doctor.

What will happen if my child becomes unwell during their visit?

If any child becomes unwell we can have them reviewed by our GP. If the child’s condition is serious we may take them to hospital. In either case we would contact you to keep you up updated. If your child is taken to hospital you would need to attend the hospital.


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