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Anita has been volunteering for our hospice for a long time, she gives up every Tuesday to come and help in our Finance Department, as well as giving time to support our events, bucket collections or wherever we need help.

"I love volunteering at Zoë’s Place, and the reason I do it is for the babies. I will do anything, and go anywhere if it raises awareness and support for them. Whatever I am doing, whether in the hospice counting money, or out at a community fair or raffle, I am always greeted with happy, welcoming and friendly faces, and I really do feel like part of the team. This is not what I expected, when I first signed up to volunteer, I expected it to be very sad, and emotional, but as soon as you step through the doors of Zoë’s Place, you will find that it is the complete opposite of that. It is a very happy place. I chose to become a volunteer when one of my close friends who was already a volunteer, just before he passed away made me promise never to give up on Zoë’s Place… And I never have".

   Anita Curry