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Mission Statement

Our Vision is to ensure that every child, aged from birth to five years, living in our region that has a life limiting or life threating condition received the best specialist care that they need.





Our Values are to provide holistic, specialist, palliative and end of life care and support to families with children, aged from birth to five years, suffering with a life limiting or life-threatening condition.




Our Mission is to provide care in a home from home environment, enabling the children to feel safe and supported. To always put the child at the centre of care and support, which is tailored to suit the families individual needs. To ensure we are always delivering the best effective specialist care that our resources will allow. To raise funds by developing and engaging with our supports and to ensure we make the most use of funds donated. To respect and value the contribution of all staff, volunteers, parents and families and to remain open, honest and professional in everything we do.