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Great North Run 2020 (Coventry Team)
Coventry Hospice

Great North Run 2020 (Coventry Team)

13 Sep 2020 08:00 - 13:00

Great North Run 2020 (Coventry Team)
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Please note sign ups on this page are for Zoe's Place Coventry only - for middlesbrough please click here 

Just Imagine for a moment.......... you're standing shoulder to shoulder with nearly 60,000 runners, listening to the nervous chatter, the chants of OGGI OGGI OGGI, waiting for the claxon to signify the start of the BIGGEST Half marathon in the world!  And YOU, YES YOU are part of it!  Suddenly you are off, the red arrows swooping up above and you are following in the footsteps of the elite runners who just moments ago took to the streets.  All of you, elite and novice alike, striving to reach your target.  To complete the ICONIC Great North Run to the best of your ability.

How did it feel to be a hero? 

Could you change a life by taking on a life-changing event?  Could you join #TeamZoes and take on the EPIC Great North Run?  We think you can!

It doesn't matter if you are young or old, if you are a seasoned runner or if you are a novice, we believe that you can achieve your goal.  And by achieving your goal of completing the Great North Run you will help us achieve our goal to provide specialist care to babies and infants who need our help.

Make your experience even more memorable, make a your run a life-changing event, sign up today and make a difference. 

Registration Fee: £29.00

Sponsorship Target: £400

Once you have registered we will send you an email containing information about training and fundraising including sponsor forms. We pledge to support and provide Team Zoë's runners with everything you need to help you meet your running and sponsorship goals.




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