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Our Eden's Story        


Eden was diagnosed at 10 weeks old. There is currently no one in the world with the exact same diagnosis as Eden - making it even harder for us as parents, not knowing what he will or won’t be able to do.

In Eden’s early life he was constantly in and out of the hospital with chest infections. On one of our stays, a nurse in the high dependency unit asked us if she could refer us to Zoë’s Place, as she thought it might help Eden and us as a family. At first, I was a bit apprehensive - he was 5 months old and going to a hospice! I didn’t like the sound of it and completely dismissed it. It wasn’t until someone from Zoë’s place contacted me and invited us in to have a look around. When we arrived at the hospice it was nothing like what I was expecting! It was bright with toys everywhere!

Over the years Eden has really enjoyed everything that Zoë’s place has to offer! The sensory room and trampolines are a big hit with him! Zoë’s place is an absolute lifeline for us as Eden’s parents and we would be completely lost without it now. By supporting this charity, people are helping these extra special children like Eden thrive and have access to things that sometimes they wouldn’t.