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My son Harry is a gorgeous 3-year-old who suffered severe brain damage due to traumatic labour and birth.

As a result, he has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and dystonia, global development delay, visual impairment and is tube-fed; the list is likely to increase. He is greatly loved by me and my husband and our daughter Lily.  He's our wonderful little smiler who melts our hearts but he's also very hard work.
Harry is sick all of the time due to his poor stomach tone and has to be watched constantly. He can't communicate with me if something is wrong.
His cerebral palsy means that he isn't able to entertain himself like other babies, he can't hold a toy or explore his surroundings, so I spend lots of
time making sure he gets as much stimulation and variation as possible. He also has sleeping issues, so we are always tired. Day to day life with
Harry involves lots of appointments with different medical professionals, feeding tubes and Physio. It's a 24-hour job.
Before Harry started going to Zoë’s Place I was completely at my wit's end. Not only is caring for Harry physically exhausting but it is also emotionally very hard. Coming to terms with Harry's diagnosis has been very difficult and still is, so having a break to make sure that we as a family are the best that we can be for Harry makes all the difference.
Harry goes to Zoë's Place once a week and it provides us with quality time to spend with our daughter, catch up on the housework and on some much-needed sleep. 
The best thing though about Zoë's Place is how much Harry loves it, the nurses and staff there are amazing. They do everything possible to make sure that Harry reaches his full potential physically and mentally. They help him by conducting physiotherapy with him and they excite him by taking him to petting zoos and big sensory centres
Zoë's Place has been a lifeline for us and we just hope that they can continue to improve lives for families like mine. Zoë's Place is completely reliant on donations to open. Please donate that they can continue to support families like mine.