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This Christmas, help us to shine a light on the care we give to our babies and infants!

This December, we are shining a light on the work done from within the hospice and the impact that it has on those that rely on our services.

Christmas is a special time of year when most people get to spend time with loved ones and we’re no different here at Zoë’s Place. After an incredibly difficult period, we continue to recover from the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on our income and service. I am pleased to tell you that recently we’ve been able to increase our services again, increase our opening hours and welcome a higher number of children into our care.

This seemed a long way off this time last year, but thanks to the amazing support of fantastic supporters and our incredible community, we’ve hopefully guided the charity through this turbulent time and are beginning to come through the other side.

However, while we were closed families and babies still relied on our services and as we're unable to provide that to them, many found themselves in dark situations, sometimes isolated situations. Now that we are able to provide the specialist, therapies, assistance and specialised care to our families we are reflecting on the positive impact Zoë's has on the babies and infants in our care, shining a light on babies such as Evelyn.



Evelyn joined Zoë's Place In April 2021, with a range of medical complications from when she was still in the womb,  leading to her premature birth at just 29 weeks, Evelyn was then known as the 'one pound baby'.


Evelyn's Story



Rachel's Story 

"We were delighted to find out we were expecting our first baby in2019. At our 20-week scan, we were referred to the Foetal department due to our unborn baby, Evelyn, being smaller than expected. We were brought back into hospital when I was only 24 weeks and were shockingly told that we’d have to give birth as soon as possible.

Hugging a pillow in a very cold theatre room was when it actually hit home that this was happening at 25 weeks pregnant I was going to give birth! On November 19th 2019 our beautiful daughter, Evelyn, was born".

At birth, she weighed less than one pound.

"We met first met Evelyn in the recovery room; she was our tiny little, red, skeletal, one-pound miracle baby who could fit her leg through my husband James’ wedding ring. She had a cannula, a ventilator and a feeding tube which when in a baby that small was frightening, worrying and bewildering. 

Evelyn went on to contract sepsis, had kidney failure and our family was encouraged by the hospital staff to prepare to say goodbye. Throughout Evelyn’s early days, we were utterly terrified".

Welcome Home

Somehow, Evelyn fought the odds and made it home after 173 days in the hospital and whilst we were relieved and happy to start our life as a family, things have remained difficult. Evelyn wakes throughout the night and has a strict feeding schedule due to her small size and persistent vomiting. She needs medications three times a day and because she has an oral aversion everything goes down her nasogastric tube.

It is difficult to go out and about - I don't like to cart around her many medications, syringes, feeds and necessary equipment. 

Welcome to Zoë's Place

"Our community nurse saw how much we were struggling with the constant physical and mental drain, the lack of sleep and the desperate need we had for a break and recommended Zoë’s Place.

Zoë's Place has quickly become a lifeline. Zoë's offers us the precious gift of time. It’s usually as simple as being able to run errands without worrying who Evelyn is coming into contact with and knowing that she is being cared for by amazing specialist staff. For Evelyn, it has definitely helped with her overall development and the therapy treatments and new experiences have undoubtedly helped her progress.


From a very dark place, Zoë’s Place has helped us see the light and have been a huge help in getting our lives back on track.  

If you’re considering helping Zoë’s Place, my message is simply DO IT!

We never wanted to have to use somewhere like Zoë’s Place, however, for children like Evelyn it is essential for them to receive this care, so please help if you can."


This Christmas help us to help the babies and infant's that we care for, babies such as Evelyn.

Your kind donation will help contribute towards the vital funds needed to provide the services that we do, please click the button below to donate, and on behalf of everyone here at Zoë's Place Baby Hospice, Thank you.