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This year is our 10th Anniversary of care at Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice and we want your help to celebrate.

After a tough year in 2020 and our income reducing to less than 60% of what we usually bring in, we want to get the hospice back to full running order. We are looking for 100 heroes to come forward and fundraise and pay for a day of care at Zoë’s Place.

It cost around £3,300 to run the hospice for a day, this allows our children to come in to the hospice for respite care, where we create bespoke care plans for each child taking into consideration their medical needs and specialist requirements. All of our children have life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and it’s important that we take into consideration what they need and how our care staff can help them develop their skills with specific play and physiotherapy.

Can you be one of our Zoë’s Heroes in 2021 and be one of our 100 pledgers and make our 10th anniversary year, our best ever!

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