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Companies: Getting Started

How can you help?


Every year we need to raise £1.4 million to fund the services we provide at Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice. We can’t do this without your support as the hospice is almost entirely funded by public donations. We need your help to ensure that this holistic care service is available for years to come:

  •  Take on a challenge
  •  Involve your company/employer
  •  Become a Fundraising Volunteer
  •  Make a regular donation
  •  Run your own fundraising event
  •  Or maybe an idea from the list below!

Take the first step on your fundraising journey and tell us about your plans here 

Visit Zoë’s Place

We can come to talk to you about Zoë’s Place, but you really do have to see it to appreciate how wonderful it is. By looking around our hospice, you will be to see firsthand the services we provide and you will be able to see how much we appreciate your support.

Get Talking!

The best way to get people interested in Zoë’s Place is to talk to people. By encouraging staff, their friends and families to talk about Zoë’s Place, in the context of your fundraising activities, you will help to increase public awareness. Although awareness will not itself raise money it will provide an atmosphere conducive to doing so.


The most talked-about way to raise money is for individuals or groups of people to organise a fundraising event. Hosting an event in aid of Zoë’s Place is a great way to involve staff, members, customers, clients and suppliers. These require hard work and attention but can be very rewarding by raising your team’s morale, encouraging teamwork and giving something back to the community. It’s important to cover all aspects of running events, and we can advise you on how to get started if you need help.

Employee Fundraising

Improve internal communication, motivate your staff, promote creativity and encourage team spirit. We can work with you to help create a tailored package of fundraising events including sponsored events, workplace activities or individual challenges.

Corporate Donations

Your company or organisation could make a simple donation to Zoë’s Place, helping us to keep our hospice running. When gross donations are made to charities in this way, your organisation is able to claim tax relief at your corporate rate. For example, a company that is taxed at 20% making a donation of £10,000 will be eligible for a tax relief amounting to £2,000 when completing your tax return.

Corporate Sponsorship

By sponsoring an event organised by Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice, you are not only helping us to increase the overall income of an event but you will also benefit from the brand exposure and PR activity from a sponsorship partnership with Zoë’s Place.