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Respite Care

The majority of the support we give at Zoë’s Place is respite care. All of the babies at the Hospice have a life-limiting or life-threatening condition and require differing levels of 24 hour support on a one-to-one basis. Zoë’s Place offers our parents and carers a chance to recharge their batteries or to spend time with their other children.

The value of this respite care to our families cannot be underestimated and many families tell us that they simply would not be able to cope without the help and support of our team.

Alongside the care that we offer to the children we also support the whole family with support through our parent support network and the sibling groups.

One 2 One Care

At Zoë’s Place we currently care for around 40 families and we are a 6-bed hospice, but our current level of funding means that we can care for up to 4 babies at any one time. Our families recieve respite care from us on average for 2 nights per month, but we can also cater for special occasions and emergency respite. All of our Nurses and Senior Care Assistants are specially trained to care for babies with complex needs and there is always a dedicated member of staff caring for each child during their stay with us. This staff member will work with the families to devise a tailored care plan for each baby to ensure that we are fully meeting their needs. This can range from working around medication needs, to organising therapies, to helping create play activities and making memories. Our hospice is 24 hours, and so our staff are also assigned to provide this same care throughout the night.

Light Sensory

Our Light Sensory Room is a great facility which we love being able to provide for our special babies. During their stay with us, this room is available at any point and can be used for many purposes, especially to provide a calm and relaxing environment. The Light Sensory Room combines a range of stimuli to help develop and engage the child’s senses. This includes lights, colours, sounds & sensory soft play objects. It helps those with learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments learn to interact with the world around them, but in a safe environment that builds up their confidence and their ability. It is also a safe place for them to explore in, as the soft play equipments means there is no fear of injury for the child.

Soft Play

It is important to provide play and stimulation for each baby during their stay with us. Our Play Leader will assess each child individually, to see what their abilities are so that they can tailor each session to their individual needs, and can inform and guide the rest of the staff on the best activities to suit them. Every child loves to play, and that is no exception to the little lives that we care for here at Zoë’s Place. Our soft play area provides a soft and safe environment for our babies to be able to play and have some freedom to explore, just like any other child. Whilst they are in there, we know that they are safe and they are able to have fun. The soft play area also provides a great place to provide Physiotherapy and a chance for our babies to get some exercise.


Our Garden’s allow us to provide an outside space for the babies to get out in the nice weather during the summer months. It is important for us to have this, especially if a baby is with us for longer periods of time. We have three gardens, and the first has a swing and various play equipment. Our other garden leads out from the soft play area and has play equipment also. The final area is a memorial garden which also leads to our new purpose built multi-functional building called 'The Hive' which is used for numerous therapies and sessions with both parents and children. 


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