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Bereavement Support

We are not just here to provide care for the babies, but to support the whole family through the challenges that they face. Our nurses are trained and on hand to provide counselling, support & advice to the families at any time (even in the middle of the night). We also provide bereavement support during the most difficult time of anyone's life, dealing with the loss of a child. No one can imagine how hard it must be to go through this, but our Nurses are trained to provide support in the most sensitive and effective way. Families can also make use of our Family Suite, even if they have had no contact with Zoë's Place before.

End of Life Care - Starlight Room

Our family suite, is available to be used by any family suffering with the loss of a child aged between 0-5 years. We offer end of life care in our starlight room, this facility is also available for children who have recently passed away elsewhere. The family suite consists of a temperature controlled 'Starlight room' for the baby to be laid to rest, a communal living area for the family to spend time in, a conservatory & private kitchen area, a private garden, and a private bedroom (3 pullout sofa beds 1 double 2 single) and tv. This is all to give the family as much privacy and time as they need, whilst also having access to our trained staff at all times. This suite allows the family to stay with the child from the time of passing, right up until the funeral. We can also assist with practical things such as registering the death, sorting funeral arrangements, counselling, supporting siblings and creating memory boxes for the family to keep.

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